Frequently Asked Questions

Wheel Questions:

Where did the name Scalar Wheels come from?

Scalar is a math and physics term meaning magnitude without direction.  Speed, time, and distance are all examples of scalar quantities.  Our wheelsets and accessories are designed to enable riders to go faster, longer, and further without being restricted by direction.  Safely exploring new roads and trails is always encouraged :)

What is included with a wheelset purchase?

Two meticulously hand-built wheels  Wheels come with tubeless tape and valves installed, ready for tires and sealant.  Thru-axles, skewers, and centerlock disc lockrings are not included with the wheels.  

How much sealant should I add when mounting tires?

It is recommended to add 2oz of sealant to each tire. 

How do I set my wheels up tubeless?

Instructions for getting set up tubeless can be found on our Resources page.

What pressure should I run in my tires?

Recommended starting pressures can be found in a chart on our Resources page.  Please note that these are recommended starting pressures and may need to be adjusted for optimal performance based on the conditions of the road or trail, weather, and tires being used. 


General Questions:

How often should I replace my sealant and tubeless rim tape?

In general, it is recommended to check the sealant in your tires every three to six months.  If you find that the sealant has dried out or is no longer sealing punctures effectively, it is time to replace the old sealant. You may need to replace the sealant sooner if you've had a puncture that has caused a significant loss of sealant.  When in doubt, follow the sealant manufacturer's instructions for proper application.  It is recommended to replace the tubeless tape at nine to twelve month intervals, or when replacing tires.  

How long does it take to ship a pair of wheels once they are ordered?

Our wheels are hand-built once an order is placed.  On average, it takes about 2 weeks to ship a new pair of wheels once an order is placed.  

What is the warranty on a new wheelset? 

For information on our wheelset warranty, please visit our Warranty, Returns, and Replacements page. 

How can I contact Scalar Wheels?

Please visit our Contact page or email us at

If I'm looking for something that isn't on the Scalar Wheels website, can Scalar Wheels build or make it?

As a small business, we are flexible and can accommodate some custom requests.  Please contact us at with your request and we'll let you know if we can make it happen.