About Us

A new wheelset can transform your riding experience and is by far the best upgrade you can make for your bike.  Ride faster, further, and with more confidence.  Less rotational weight means that you can accelerate faster, and more aerodynamic rim profiles decrease drag, which allow for more efficient riding.  Advanced engineering, materials, and manufacturing processes, combined with the special touch of a final hand-built assembly make this all possible from Scalar Wheels.    

Scalar Wheels was founded with the intention to create hassle-free, reliable, and premium carbon wheels.  After years of purchasing aftermarket wheels from the top brands in the industry, there were always problems. Spokes losing tension after a few weeks of riding and even fundamental design issues are just a few examples.  As a result, we created a line of wheels that live up to, and exceed, our high expectations.  

One goal we have had from the very beginning was to create ENVE and DT Swiss level wheels at a better price-point.  After 3+ years of development and working through manufacturing challenges, we’re proud to say that we have accomplished this.  Although it has taken longer than we expected to make this happen, being meticulous about our decision-making process is part of our DNA.  In addition to the product quality, Scalar Wheels takes pride in our customer service and helping customers have the best experience possible, both on and off the bike. 

The name Scalar, pronounced "skay·lr", is a math and physics term meaning magnitude without direction.  Speed, distance and time are all examples of scalar quantities.  Scalar wheels are designed to take riders faster and further, without being restricted by direction of travel.  Wherever your next adventure leads, Scalar Wheels can help take you there.

For more information, please visit our Why Choose Scalar page. 

    Enjoy the ride!